Apartment Management System is ideal way to manage complete housing society maintenance tasks. It has different user roles like Admin, Owners, Tenants, Gatekeeper and Accountant Users.

Scalable from single apartment to large, multi-location; cloud-based or client server models deployable. Seamless communication between admin and owners, tenents and gatekeeper.

Features :
  • Complete apartment management solution.
  • Multiple buildings and units management system.
  • Manage monthly maintenance for all units.
  • Manage residential buildings, units, owner and tenant data.
  • Admin, Owner, Tenant, Gatekeeper and Accountant Users.
  • Manage visitor details.
  • Manage meetings and notices.
  • Dashboard with key statics Info-Graphics.


Building & Unit Management
  • Add/Edit Building blocks
  • Add residential units to block
  • Link legal document and member details with residential units
Member Management
  • Link members to residential units
  • Manage owner and tenant family members
  • login to owner and tenant
Parking Management
  • Add/Edit parking slots
  • Assign parking slot to member
  • Manage visitor parking
Management Committee
  • Add/Edit society management team
  • Assign parking slot to member
  • Manage visitor parking
Visitor Management
  • Manage time in – out for all visitor
  • Manage visitor details
  • Record visitor key details like name and mobile, vehicle no. etc.
Document Management
  • Manage document for each unit
  • Document history for each unit
  • Upload doc, pdf and zip files
Complaint Management
  • Member can raise complain from system
  • Manage complain details
Employee Management
  • Manage employee details
  • Manage employee salary details
  • Manage employee leave records
Asset Management
  • Manage society assets
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage maintenance

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