Vista Orthopedic software was developed to address the unique needs of orthopedic practices. It is developed with feedback from experience orthopedic doctors team. Vista HMS incorporated government mandates, patient care, practice workflow, and auto prompts into its system. This EHR system supports practices of all sizes, from solo practitioners to large hospitals.

Vista Orthopedic includes-Patients registration, patient treatments, writing treatment Plan, imaging, drawing, Scheduling, Billing and so much more. It enables you to make masters of your diagnosis, prescriptions, instructions etc. Prescriptions and Instructions are recorded date wise. Besides maintaining your computerized clinical records, it helps in keeping your entire accounts along with payment status for each patient. Appointment Scheduler provided with Vista can keep track of your appointments and sends proactive reminder through email or SMS.

All important medical information like previous diagnosis and allergy information is prominently displayed on this screen. Doctors can easily save commonly used choices as protocols to create one-click modifiable treatment plans for individual conditions.

Vista Orthopedic

This Registration page allows you to create patient's profile simply entering biographical information and add patient to todays check-in list. Also this page allows you to search patient using name, mobile number or email and add to todays check-in list. In the check-in list patient which are checked-in displayed as queue. In pending visit list of patient's whose visit is pending while they are in process of visit and lab or radiology tests are shown. In check-out list the list of patient shown whose visit is completed so admin/reception can help with final billing and follow-up appointments .This form includes:

  • Auto generate new Patient's Profile.
  • Casepaper date (ability to update date as needed).
  • Casepaper fee automatically populated from clinic settings.
  • Casepaper renew date automatically calculated and shown.
  • Upload Photograph using webcam.
  • Search patient using Patient name, Email, Mobile Number or casepaper number.

Patient Management

This module is the very dynamic intuitive part of this application. It display demographic and clinical data in a user friendly format. It consists of the following powerful amazing features to operate your task right at your fingertips

  • Shows Patient's previous medical history.
  • Profile in editable format.
  • Previous appointments of patient.
  • Previous visits along with summary.
  • Previous medication details and history.
  • Past radiology and pathology tests details and reports.
  • Patient's notes such as allergies or medical alerts for patient.

Muscle Diagram provides best visual details about patient's individual muscles, muscle groups, and common condition. Doctor can add unlimited pins with notes about common musculoskeletal injuries and conditions (cervical spondylosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tear, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and many more).

Skeletal Diagram provides doctors details about patient's skeletal system: bones, ligaments, bony landmarks, synovial joints, bone tissue, pathologies, and more. Doctor can add unlimited pins with notes about common skeletal injuries, Fractures and conditions (Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, osteitis deformans, Scoliosis, kyphosis etc. and many more).


This Prescription form allows you to select prescription language by simply clicking on Select language dropdown. This module includes:

  • Added more than 15,000 common medication list.
  • Ability to auto complete medication name when start to type.
  • Medication form supports unlimited medications.
  • Ability to print medication in different languages.
  • E-Prescriptions for integrated pharmacy
  • Facility to email prescriptions.
  • Doctor can update alternate medicine if previous prescribed is not available.

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